The browser was unable to promote itself to master browser

May 05, 2013 networking - Unable to browse Server 2008R2 from XP XP clinets are unable to browse in "entire network" and find the new server. It can be accessed by entering \\servername and it can be pinged by name and IP address. Users access shares without issue. Netbios over TCP/IP is enabled. Computer browser is running on the Windows 2008R2 system. Turn on Network Discovery is enabled. Transferring/Seizing FSMO Roles to Another Domain

DS918+: Cannot access network share folders by NAS name in

WINS has the 4 entries needed for resolution: Domain Master Browser, Workgroup, Domain Controller, and Normal Group Name. In regards to the previous post, I am trying to ping the domain name, not Browsing is NOT active on domain. Master name cannot be determined from GetAdapterStatus. (From PChuck2) Status for domain WORKGROUP on transport \Device\NetBT_Tcpip_ Browsing is active on domain. Master browser name is: PChuck2 Master browser is running build 2195 1 backup servers retrieved from master PChuck2 \\PChuck2 If you are using assistive technology and are unable to read any part of the website, or otherwise have difficulties using the website, please call 800-551-1630 and our customer service team will assist you.

Unable to find the Domain Master Browser

Mar 18, 2020