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Juniper Netscreen ACVPN介绍.pdf,Page 1 AppNote Document Properties Title: Implementing an ACVPN Configuration on IPSec based VPNs Author: Patricio Giecco Subject: Implementing an ACVPN Configuration on IPSec based VPNs Keywords: ACVPN, NHS, IPSec, VPN, tunnel, NHRP, NHS, NHC, NMBA, • Managing more than 200 Juniper firewalls for IPSEC site-to-site VPN using NSM ( Netscreen Security Manager) • We use PIX/ASA as an internet gateway firewalls for small remote offices. • Configuring Route-Based & Policy Based IPSec VPN, ACVPN, Easy-VPN in Juniper and cisco firewalls Juniper also has something similar ACVPN, but that's only on Screen OS, not on JUNOS. I hope I have mentioned my requirement clearly. Once again, the goal is to have SRX firewalls at the branches and Cisco 3900 acting as a hub at the HO, client wants to create dynamic VPN tunnels for ease of management. Posted: July 13th, 2011 | Author: micha | Filed under: debian, it, juniper, linux, networking | Tags: debian, juniper, linux, network, security | No Comments » did the upgrade to screenos 6.3r8 – now i got the option to add multiple proxy id`s for the different subnets. everything working fine. also the ipsec dialup setup with multiple Trying to get Shrew client to connect to Juniper SSG-5 and getting: Rejected an IKE packet on ethernet0/0 from to with cookies fc734294e82c0c53 and 0000000000000000 because an initial Phase 1 packet arrived from an unrecognized peer gateway. Agree - don't use ACVPN. The gateway provided in the Phase 1 settings (AutoKey Advanced > Gateway) needs to be correct, that's it. Having a routing based VPN (with tunnel-IFs) requires to set up the proper routing using the tunnel IF, and you still need to set up a (allow) policy for interesting traffic from and to the 2nd location.

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I have a site to site VPN setup using the SSG5 at both Dec 12, 2012