Windows Hello authentication is tied to the device; the user needs both the device and a sign-in component such as a PIN or biometric factor to access corporate resources. Sign in using a mobile phone with fingerprint scan, facial or iris recognition, or PIN.

Jan 19, 2019 How to use YubiKey as a companion device with Windows Sep 17, 2018 Securing Your Windows 10 Login With Yubikey – C7 Solutions The Yubikey is a small USB connected hardware device that can generate a variety of security codes. Being virtually indestructible and easy to clip to a key ring (Yubikey 4) or leave inside your only device (Yubikey 4 Nano) you can now use this token to login to Windows.

Oct 11, 2019 · Creating a Passwordless Login On Windows 10. If you have Windows 10 version 1903 installed, you can create a passwordless user account using your cell phone number. Unfortunately, you can’t convert an existing user account to this kind of passwordless login, although other types of passwordless logins for Windows 10 are available.

The YubiKey 4 and YubiKey NEO support the OpenPGP interface for smart cards which can be used with GPG4Win for encryption and signing, as well as for SSH authentication. These in turn can be used by several other useful tools, like Git, pass, etc. This guide will help you set up the required software for getting things to work.

What i would love my YubiKey 5 NFC to do: Prequisite: Boot -> Bitlocker -> Enter PW -> Windows. Windows Login Screen -> Key present? -> Login succeeds No Key present? -> Enter password or insert key. Key get's removed while i am signed in -> computer get's locked -> Back to Step 1.

If your laptop/desktop (Windows 8.1 or later) or your Windows Server (2012 and later) is joined to a classic Active Directory, you can use a YubiKey for login using the Smart Card functionality. Learn more about smart card login If YubiKey Manager or another Yubico configuration software is used to switch the contents of slot 1 and slot 2 after a YubiKey has been configured for Yubico Login for Windows, the YubiKey will not work with Yubico Login for Windows. The remedy is to switch the slots back again using YubiKey Manager or reconfigure the YubiKey for use as second Oct 17, 2019 · For accounts managed by AD, the YubiKey enables authentication as a PIV-compliant smart card (Windows 7+, Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2+). For more information on the Windows login options available with the YubiKey, and to download the current version of Yubico Login for Windows, please visit our computer login tools page. Provides instructions on how to configure YubiKeys to work with YubiKey Windows Logon using the YubiKey Personalization Tool; best practices for implementing YubiKey Windows Login, such as creating multiple YubiKeys with the same secret key; protecting a configured YubiKey; setting up the YubiKey Windows Logon application; testing your Windows login; and solutions to common issues. Oct 18, 2019 · To try out the Windows login application, you can download it from Yubico's website. In this article: gear , security , security key , windows login , yubico Jan 08, 2017 · Sure, 2FA is an extra step. Besides typing in your password, you need to insert the YubiKey, wait a second, and press on the touch-to-sign metal area on the key. May 12, 2017 · One company, Yubico, created the YubiKey, a USB security stick that is compatible with Windows Hello and a bunch of other services that should be kept secure, such as LastPass, KeePass, Google