How to Add User to Sudoers or Sudo Group on Ubuntu

Apr 30, 2020 CREATE USER - MariaDB Knowledge Base For each account, CREATE USER creates a new row in the mysql.user table that has no privileges. If any of the specified accounts, or any permissions for the specified accounts, already exist, then the server returns ERROR 1396 (HY000). How to Create a Non-root User on Your Ubuntu 18.04 VPS or May 30, 2018 Add New User Accounts with SSH Access to an Amazon EC2

Provided by: passwd_4.2-3.1ubuntu5_amd64 NAME usermod - modify a user account SYNOPSIS usermod [options] LOGIN DESCRIPTION The usermod command modifies the system account files to reflect the changes that are specified on the command line. OPTIONS The options which apply to the usermod command are: -a, --append Add the user to the supplementary group(s).

Jul 14, 2020 · In Linux, to create a user, you need to use the command line but there are multiple commands you can use. The useradd command is the base for each of the methods in Linux used to add a user. You can also add a user to a group when creating a user in Linux.

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